Ascites are curable in homeopathy

Are you feeling full even though you eat less? Are you feeling very uncomfortable and causing tiredness, nausea, and breathing issues often? Then there might be a chance that you are affected with Ascites. Ascites is nothing but building up of excess fluid in the abdomen. In homeopathic medicine you have a best recovery for this problem.

Ascites are nothing but the accumulation of liquid in the abdomen. This is most commonly seen in people with severe liver damage. Cirrhosis is the most common cause of ascites. Since it is also due to liver infections like chronic hepatitis B or C, alcohol addiction and fatty liver. One more major cause is due to blood clots in the portal vein that takes blood to complete organs of liver. These clots flow inside the liver causing pressure to the vein due to hypertension and causes ascites.

There are various reason for a disease always. Similarly with ascites. Ascites also occurs when kidney is not possible to clear the salt from the body. This salt keeps accumulating in the body and causes ascites build in the abdomen. Other causes or reasons were inflammation in pancreas, kidney dialysis, thickening or bulge in artery or pericardium, abdominal pain, difficulty in breathing, infections, nausea and most particularly fluid formation in lungs.

Many homeopathic medicine used in treating ascites as per homeopath indication. Some of them were arsenic album, Apis mellifica, china officinalis, lycopodium, Adonis vernalis, aceticum acidum, helleborus, etc. Each of this homeopathic medicine available in online medicine has to be prescribed based on the underlying root cause of the disease completely examining by the best homeo doctor in velachery.

Our best homeo clinic in velachery will provide you unconditional best treatment for ascites by detailing your family history, cause of the disease, allergic conditions of patients and pre medical history. Because mild ascites are hard to notice without examination. Patients will have only abdominal heaviness and shortness of breath. There are three grades of ascites in homeopathic medicine, one is mild and only visible on ultra sound, second is deductible by noticing bulge and dullness of abdomen.

In homeopathic medicine, ascites can be found by ultrasound, complete blood count and basic metabolic profile, serum ascites gradient and abdominal CT scan. Homeopathic medicine will concentrate both on ascites and pathological condition of the person. For ascites your homeopath may also recommend for low salt intake, fluid restrictions, stoppage of alcohol and a rich protein diet to keep the low ascites in control. Although all homeopathic medicine is available inonline medicine, it is important to examine the homeopath first before starting any management process on your own.

The main aim on this article is to keep you aware of the Ascites and make the patient comfortable to consult the doctor and get treated rightly. Kindly book an appointment with homeopathy clinic in velachery and homeopathy clinic in adyar. It is not serious condition anymore with your ascites when your choice is homeopathic medicine. Get well soon from ascites.