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REPL Dr. Advice No.48 Growth Drop

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Product Details Indication: This remady brings aid to scrofulags children especially if they are backward mentally and physically, do not grow and develop. Each 5 ml. Contains Calcarea Phos - 30X 1.00 ml Baryta Carb - 30X 1.00 ml Acid Phos - 12X 1.00 ml Silicea - 30X 1.00 ml Thuja - 30X 1.00 ml Mode of Action Calcarea Phosphorica 30x: Children do not learn to walk, or lose ability. Baryta Carbonica 30x: Great weakness of memory inattention to studies in children. Acidum phosphoricum 12x: The legs tremble in walking and the limbs are as difficult to control as the Thoughts. Silicea 30x: Despondency, melancholy and disposition to weep. Thuja 30x:Fixed ideas, The lims, were of glass and would break easily. Dull, stuperfying, weakness and confussion of head. Use under medical supervision.

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