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REPL Dr. Advice No.52 Home Sickness Drop

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Product Details Indication: Such persons one fat, not much reactive force, indolent, opposed to physical exertion, averse to go outsides of their routine, get homesick easily.. Each 5 ml. Contains Capsicum Ann. - 6x 1.00 ml Merc Sol - 30x 1.00 ml Mag Mure - Q 1.00 ml Acid Phos - 1X 1.00 ml Nat Mure - 30x 1.00 ml Mode of Action Capsicum Annuum 6x: Dulness of all the senses, want to reflection and awakwardness, angry at least triffi. Mercurius Solubilis 30x: Home-sickness with nightly anxiety and perspiration. Magnesia Muriatica Q: Nervous excitability, with tendency to weep readily. Acidum phosphoricum 1x: Disposition to weep, as from mostalgia- Bad effects from grif, sorrow unfortnnati love. Natrum Muriaticum 30x: Obliged to weep- Hypochon dricll tired of life. Use under medical supervision.

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