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Piles Fil 30gm

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Fourrts Piles Fil 30gm

Buy Piles fill gel 30g for Piles.


Haemorrhoids internal and external
Bleeding or non-bleeding


Irritation, itching, pain, swelling and discomfort in anal region.
Lump near anus – painful.
Leaking of feces.
Swelling of group of veins in the anal region.


Aesculus Hipp Q.
Calc Flour.

Application of piles fil:

Every time after passing stools, clean the area and apply the piles fil.
And also apply at the bed time and leave it over night.


Piles Fil 30gm - To Ease the Agony of Piles

Composition of fourrts Piles Fil 30 gm: Aesculus Hipp Q 5%, Calc Fluor 3x1% Hammamelis Q 5%.

Indications and when to use fourrts piles Fil 30 gm: Haemorrhoids inernal and external, bleeding or non bleeding. It helps to reduce agonising pain and to shrink the piles.

Directions and How to use fourrts piles Fil 30gm: Fix the applicator on the nozzle of the tube and press the tube till the gel comes to the lateral four sides of the applicator. Then insert the applicator into the anus, keep pressing the tube and gently rotate it for uniform spreading of the gel. Every time after passing stools, clean the area & apply the gel as explained above. Also apply at bed time & leave it over night.

Presentation and how to apply fourrts piles Fil 30gm: 30gms tube wit an applicator.

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