Constipation means difficulty in passing stool, or the inability to have a bowel movement when desired.


Hard, dry, or soft stool, pain on having a bowel movement, gas and bloating and hemorrhoids are the main symptoms. Feelings of sluggishness, mental dullness, bad breath and body odor often accompany constipation.


Acute constipationmainly causes discomfort. If it persists, impaction of the hard, dry stool can occur, blocking the rectum and requiring manual removal. Enlargement of segments of the colon may occur if constipation is chronic and severe.

  • A person who needs Bryonia has large, hard stools with dryness, and a lot of thirst for cold drinks; many symptoms are worse from motion.
  • For a stubborn, chilly flabby person who sweats on his head and has stubborn constipation, try Calcarea carbonica.
  • When there is dryness, and a dreamy, drowsy, dizzy state, give Nux moschata.
  • When the person is an irritable business person, consider Nux vomica or Bryonia.
  • If the person has constant urges but can’t go, even with a lot of straining, try Nux vomica.
  • Drink eight glasses of water per day, starting with a glass of warm water with lemon immediately on rising in the morning.
  • Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, at least half of them raw.
  • Eat whole grains and supplement with a tablespoon of bran stirred in juice or baked in muffins or in cereal.
  • Take a one to three km. Walk daily.
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