Colic is a condition found in babies from just after birth until three or four months of age, with crying, irritability, and what seems to be pain or cramps in the abdomen.


Colicky babies cry and appear to be in pain or distress. Gas may be part of the problem. They may cry incessantly, or only at certain times. The crying can be very distressing to parents, who feel helpless to do anything about it.


Simple colic is not life-threatening, not does it lead to any serious illness. It usually passes on it own in a matter of weeks. If the baby doesn’t gain weight, vomits excessively, or has persistent diarrhea, medical attention should be sought to determine the cause of the problem.

Homeopathic medicines

  • If the baby can’t seem to tolerate milk, first think of Aethusa, then Magnesia phosphorica, Calcarean carbonica or Lycopodium.
  • If there is a tendency toward frequent belching, Carbo vegetabilis is likely to be needed.
  • For colic in extremely fussy, irritable babies, especially if they arch their backs and are inconsolable, consider Chamomilla.
  • Self care and home remedies
  • Make sure the baby has been burped after eating.
  • Rocking, carrying or holding the baby may soothe him.
  • Gripe water is available in many East Indian grocery stores.
  • buy medicines for digestive disorder