Eye Troubles

Eye Wounds

Take a thick piece of turmeric and grind it on a clean stone like you grind sandalwood. Take this paste on your eye liner and put it in your eyes. The wounds will heal up soon. After applying this special paste, wash your eyes with lukewarm water after half an hour of the application. In the night, when you go to sleep, dip a cloth piece in turmeric boiled water after cooling it, and wrench the cloth piece in turmeric boiled water after cooling it, and wrench the cloth to pour few drops every night over the eyes before you retire to bed. You can keep the cloth over your eyes for better relief.

Eye Web

• Boil about half kg. Water with a pinchful of alum and half spoonful turmeric powder added to it. Now cool this water. Drench a cloth piece in this water and put it over your eyes. When this water is bearable warm, wrench this cloth to drop few drops of this water direct into your eyes. Do so in the evening and morning. In about ten days’ time to webs will be dissolved.

Eye Pupil Outgrowth (Phuli)

  • Take a heavy piece of turmeric, 10 gms. Dry leaves of neem and 10 grams of black pepper. Grind them in a kharal after mixing adequate quantity of cow’s urine.
  • Everyday add fresh urine of cow and continue grinding it for six days. On the seventh day, add a little of rose water and a piece of camphor. Now your sruma is ready. Keep it as it is for three days more and start to line your eyes with the surma every evening and morning. Soon the outgrowh will be dissolved and your eye sight will also improve.


In this trouble the upper eyelid has some protruding growth which hurt the eye, causing it to grown and full of irritation.

  • Remedy: Take ‘rasout’ 10 gms. Turmeric 3 gms. alum 3 gms, rose water 10 gms – Soak all of them in a glass vessel overnight. And in the morning starin the solution through a thick cloth. Then fill in your eyes with the help of a dropper. In a week’s time the trouble will vanish.

Eyes Oozing water voluntarily

This is a common ailment in which without any apparent trouble eyes continue to shed water.

  • Remedy: Take 2 rattis of alum and dissolve it in a tola (a little more than 10 gms.) of rose water, soak cotton wad in this solution and put it over the eyes at least twice daily preferable first in the morning and then when your retire to bed.