High sugar content foods are well known to suppress the immune system which makes you vulnerable to colds, flu and other infections. There is also the “empty calorie” issue in high sugar foods. They provide lots of calories but few nutrients. And of course, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, there is the issue of an over stimulated pancreas from the absorption of high sugar foods. This over stimulated pancreas means you have too much insulin in the blood. This leads to excess fat storage, hypoglycaemic reactions, inflammatory conditions (asthma, arthritis, psoriasis, eczema, migraines), yeast infections and hormonal imbalances and even depression. If you are interested in or concerned about your health it would be wise to control your insulin.

Chemical cocktails are the other foods to pay attention to. So talking about those with very long lists of ingredients containing many un-pronounceable words. Not only do these items challenge your immune system but for some people they contribute to behaviour changes (like the ADD child or adult) and many are known to be In this category including the Trans Fatty acids-those fats that have been over heated.

Tans Fatty Acids have been implicated in many health problems including heart disease and cancer. Never eat deep fried grease, cheap oils or margarine of any kind.

Therefore, to avoid regretting your trip to the Stampede, minimise or avoid cotton candy, soda pop, doughnuts, slurpies, cheap ice cream, French fries and even the famous corn dog. Although it may be the least harmful of the list. Naturally you want to minimise alcohol because it can cause a real quick rise in insulin.


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