Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness is a very important factor in all physical activities and Martial Arts is no exception.

Few Questions Related to Health and Fitness:
  • What are the three basic categories of exercise and their priorities for health and fitness?
  • Considering the diet that most people eat, what are the main problems?
  • When it comes to making adjustments to improve our fitness and health, how long should we continue these before we can resumes our old bad habits? A few months? A couple years? Until we find somebody to date? The rest of our lives?
Read on if you would like the answers to those questions,

Physical exercise falls into three categories:

  • The leading priority is cardiovascular fitness, which is exercise aimed at the heart muscle. The main concern in fitness is to stay alive and a strong heart helps in that regard. Cardiovascular fitness exercises work large muscle groups in a light persistent manner so that those muscles demand increased blood and pumping action from the heart. Typical examples are running, biking and aerobics. Research indicates that cardiovascular (CV) sessions lasting about 30 minutes every day are sufficient for most fitness purposes.

    Most people are unaware that for each individual there’s window of exertion that CV workouts should fall within to get the desired effects. You’ll be shown how to determine the intensity level of exercise necessary for you to get an optimum conditioning effect from your CV exercise session.

  • The next priority in physical fitness is stretching the major muscle groups and strengthening the lower back. The valve of la long life is diminished if a person is stiff, partially immobile or in nagging back pain. It’s remarkable how little exposure and emphasis this point gets. The only equipment you need is your living room floor. Stretching exercise should be done a few minutes daily. Keeping the lower back muscles flexible and strong should be a high priority in any fitness plan. There’s a tendency for men to discount stretching exercise and concentrate on strength training. Physical prowess is greatly enhanced by limberness. In most sports, the best athletes have a flow of motion that is simply not possible with stiff week back muscles.

  • The last fitness priority is strength training. This is the type of exercise that gets the most attention. Weight- lifting can make you look good but it shouldn’t be the first priority in fitness training. A barbell set, a weight bench and a good workout plan are all that’s needed. Used with common sense, working out with barbells is as safe as any other method. The strength training routine takes about 30 minutes, everyday. Over a period of months, the average person can improve their strength greatly and make their appearance more youthful and attractive. This applies to women as well as men. Women normally don’t gain weight training but they do gain a more healthy, youthful athletic appearance.

The overall plan is to work out 5 or 6 days a week for about 30 minutes each time. You alternate the days between cardiovascular and weight-lifting exercises, with a little overlap that will be described later. In addition, every day you spend several minutes doing stretching routines. In addition to exercise, many people should adjust their diets away from excessive quantities of food and away from food that is loaded with fat and sugar.

Healthy changes in exercise and diet should be life long, not for some limited period of time. Changes that are realistic for a lifetime have to be sensible not extremist fadoriented or requiring so much time or effort that they become burdensome and get abandoned. Sensible methods that can become life long habits. Buy online medicine for your fitness related.