Shock is inadequate circulation of blood and oxygen to organs or tissues because of blood loss or dehydration, weak action of the heart, or dilation of the peripheral blood vessels.

Septic shock comes from bacterial infection. Anaphylactic shock comes from allergic reactions. Electric shock comes from exposure to live electric current of lightning.


The person is lethargic, sleepy, and confused. Hands and feet are clammy and pale or blue. The pulse and breathing are rapid and weak . in septic shock, fever and chills are usually present. Symptoms of anaphylactic shock include agitation, flushing, heart palpitations, numbness, itching, difficult breathing, hives, swelling, coughing, and sneezing followed by severe muscle contractions, loss of consciousness, heart palpitations or heart failure, and cessation of breathing; burns may also occur.


Shock is a medical emergency and can lead rapidly to death. Apply first aid measures immediately and call ambulance for emergency medical aid. Keep the person warm, raise his or her legs slightly, stop any blood loss with direct pressure if possible, check the person’s airway and breathing, and give CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation) if necessary. Do not give anything by mouth that must be swallowed. (homeopathic medicines may be dissolved in a small amount of water; a few drops on the tongue are sufficient for a dose.) Turn the head to allow the person to vomit if needed. Hospitalisation is strongly recommended as intravenous fluids, drugs, or surgery may be needed depending on the cause of the stock.

  • Give Aconite for shock from fright, panic, or emotional causes.
  • Arnica is very useful for shock from traumatic injuries and blood loss.
  • Camphora is used for people who are extremely cold and worse from cold, but who paradoxically want cold drinks and to be uncovered.
  • Carbo vegetabilisis the best medicine for acute shock when the person feels short of breath and wants to be fanned and cooled off.
  • Carbo acid is used in anaphylactic shock, especially from a bee sting.
  • Sensitivity to light, noise, jarring: Belladonna, Sanguinaria.
  • China is very good for shock from loss of bodily fluids, as in dehydration and blood loss
  • Veratrum album is good for shock after excessive vomiting, diarrhea, or blood loss.

    As shock is a medical emergency, self care and home remedies have been avoided.


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