Knowledge is power and knowing what works is very important. Understanding the factors that contribute to habit formation will provide you with the basics to change your behaviour. However, you must know how to apply this information correctly. Beginners are easily confused while attempting the difficult task of changing their lives. Therefore, below is a priority checklist to help keep you on track:

  • Keep a Journal;
  • Set the goals that you wish to attain;
  • Develop a plan of action;
  • Make a list of habits that you absolutely must change;
  • Note what beliefs that you have associated to these unwanted habits;
  • Carefully define your mistakes and make the needed adjustments;
  • Take it one day at a time—and do not rush;
  • Take on only what you can handle effectively;
  • It takes time and consistent commitment to accomplish your goals;
  • Take detailed notes on your progress; and Visualise your success while practising your new skills. If you take yourself seriously and remain committed, you will make these needed changes.
  • To help, support your newly acquired lifestyle, these are following suggestions: find a role model who you wish to emulate and imitate their lifestyle. Develop a support group to help keep you focussed on your new goals of change; and do not let family or friends sabotage your efforts.

    Accurate information will go along way towards reshaping your attitudes and beliefs. However, you must remain consistent and practise your new behaviours.

    Clearly, healthy lifestyles require discipline and effort to be successful. Nothing should be left to chance. An excellent example is senior fitness expert Dr. Bob Delmontique. At 78years of age, he is learn, muscular and athletic. He is as strong as a 30year old man and is in excellent health. His secret for longevity is simple: take an active involvement in your health, get medical checkups, exercise regularly, take nurtritional supplements and develop the psychological and spiritual basis to carry on a balanced lifestyle. He has maintained this outlook since he was fifteen years old and he intends to continue well past the century mark.

    Commitment to health is everything and wishful thinking means nothing. You must invest personal energy into your new lifestyle. You can’t rely on luck to keep you healthy, you must depend on your intellectual resources. You have the power to make these changes—the decision is yours!


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