Safe Diwali with Homeopathy

Diwali is very special for millions of Indian families. Right from preparing sweets and savouries, new dress, shopping, crackers and what not on this special day. Diwali is also one great things that makes happier for all ages. So it is also important for us to enjoy this great Indian festival with utmost care and safety with homeopathic medicines.

This episode is specially to have safe Diwali with some remedies and quick homeopathic medicines handy for unfilled celebrations. As we burn more crackers, always know first aid remedies for any burns unexpectedly happens. For people with burns first aid them by applying cold water or Ice over the burn. Do not rub or dry using towel or napkins. Providing them with homeopathic medicine cantharis 200 for 3-4 times a day will arrest the phase of burns.

Due to burning crackers there will be pollution or smoke of the burnt crackers which may cause choking sensation or breathlessness in some people feeling suffocative. Taking Ipecac 200 and remaining indoors will calm the people and feel better soon bringing them back to normalcy safely with homeopathic medicines.

Gastric problems and other digestive problems are very common during festival seasons, especially with Diwali sweets and snacks. So it is important that we take care our health with homeopathic medicines Carbo, vegetabilis and Nux Vomica to control gas and bloating in stomach. Take these medicine online once as a home remedy and consult your homeo doctor in velachery if issue still persists.

Do’s & Don’ts:

Try to avoid sweets with silver coating as it may contain hazardous metal.

Do not use sanitizer before or after using crackers as it will cause burns producing chemical reactions.

Person’s suffering from asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory illness should act on precaution and keep first aid homeopathic medicines ready.

Do not light the crackers on any confined or crowded places or under any tree or parking lots as it may cause fire. Please be caution about the place and have some water and a bucket of sand near you. Possibly fire extinguishers in case if known about its usage completely.

Seek medical help immediately if experienced any discomfort or any other medical emergencies.

Diwali is a remembrance of joy and let this Diwali enlighten the joy in every one of your family with lots of health and prosperity. Make this Diwali safe and healthy with Nmedicines.