Most manufacturers warranty against manufacturing defects only, not normal wear tear and if a user weighs more than the machine’s specifications, a warranty may be voided. Many machines come with a lifetime warranty on the frame, while warranties on features and components usually range from 90days to three years, depending on the machine’s quality.

Higher end machines often come with a one-year in home labour contract. You can purchase renewable extended warranties that cover everything from parts to labour.

Is the machine loud? Do you like how it looks? Does it offer a smooth ride? Is it easy to operate? Remember, this product will be around for a long, healthy time, so determine what you want and need from it before you begin shopping to prevent a regretful purchase.

In 1996, The journal of the amercian medical Association reported that, based on a study from the Medical College of Wisconsin and Veterans Affairs Medical Centre in Milwaukee, treadmills provide the most efficient way to burn calories when compared to other popular exercise machines. Researchers asked eight male and five female young adults to exercise in six different types of indoor exercise machines, including a cross-country skiing simulator, cycle ergometer, rowing ergometer and stair stepper.

They compared energy expenditure at ratings of perceived exertion (RPE) levels of 11 (fairly light), 13 (somewhat hard) and 15 (hard) and found that subjects who exercised at an RPE of 13 burned approximately 40 per cent more calories per hour on the treadmill as compared to the cycle ergometer, which produced the lowest energy expenditure.


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